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Friend in Need

about a day ago over in penn state a fire started in a home taking out their neighbor's place as well. well said place is home to a friend of mine and i know a friend of some of you out there. trying to get the help out there for these people since Landis is good friend of mine they lost everything asides the clothing on their back and what ever was in their pockets.



worse thing to hear during sex

unf unf unf unf unf oh pull out i have to take a shit.....

whats worse then that?

ok im done lets finish

whats worse then that?

unf unf unf unf unf

and FYI this wasn't me just some one i happen to be in the room with while they had sex
If you do choose to reply to this dont tell me that im being emo and that i need to grow up and dont give me a false sense of sympathy. I will listen to the real suggestions and i am willing to try the things offered to me as said suggestions. these are my thoughts and this is how i been for the last several months just what i refused till now to show

its hard to smile when the mask you wear is chipping and so aged the gloss of it is so faded. its hard to take pride in ones self when he feels that all the things he has worked for are for nil or for waste. the great things which i cherish that gave me pride as who i am have felt as if they are slowly fading out i feel that i have become hollow and that i struggle hard to be something i am not. I am Sloth, I am Jealousy, I am Wrath i have the beautiful dreams painted on a canvas in my mind, i want them to come out, but i never can seem to have the drive anymore to do them, i want to be proud, i want to be the person that people can count on. I dont want to be weak I dont want to fail.

I'm Sorry I'm not perfect I am Human and as such I break as humans break

A house gives shelter, protection, warmth, comfort and love, but its walls and attributes are only as strong as the supports it has. Sometimes a home needs to have its supports rebuilt and strengthen.

My love will always be undying and eternal to those i care about. I will not stop caring about those in need and those that are my dearest...Just I need help mainly from those that matter most

Please dont worry about this I am not trying to end myself nor will i ever do such a thing...i tried once and saw the foolishness of my ways and all the things i could have lost and the heartbreak it would have caused.

Depression is the hardest thing to deal with when your always suppose to be happy and also suppose to be the pillar on which others rely and are the strength to

Dont ever give up your faith ,dont ever give up your hope, dont ever give up your dreams. You can always do it if you believe in you

fuck birthdays

this weekend is one of 3 times of year i loath see you guys later

epic lawls

so apparently anthrocon was suppose to be a target of everyones favorite religious zealot group this year, but they kinda hinted that they dont want to touch that with a thousand foot pole...twas amuzing hearing that thier only weakness was teh rapid furry buttsex

living conditions

as of aug 15 i will be needing a place to stay as will Landis, im trying to stay local to were i can work at my current or store of same chain but one of two routes im looking at taking here, if some one is looking for two room mates, either Elgin, Bolingbrook, Arlington heights, Algonquin, Bloomingdale, McHenry or St Charles, or the second options is that someone that has good credit that dosen't mind co signing since i have suck-tastic credit [thanks to walmart >>] if anyone has anything they can point out help wise let me or landis know please

Rest in Peace

Today around Four pm a really awesome person and some one i considered myself close to passed away, and i know day to day some one you know passes one, but im actually taking this one kinda hard, but to all those that knew her please take a moment to remember her and how she touched you, and also to offer the condolences to her boyfriend and to those nearest to her.

rest in peace Ember Whimsy, im glad to have known you and glad that you were part of my life

Creepy Mcdonalds Lady is Creepy

so over the last week me and the mcfluffinstuff Landis have been frequenting our local mcdonalds, though now we are contemplating not going there anymore due to one of the managers this woman reminds me of a cross of fran dreshner and Lucy from i love lucy, and not in a good way either, first when i went in there, she as like omg squeee i love meijer, i do allllll my shopping there its the bestest, im going to go there tonight and shop and look for you there.....ok creepy stalkerish much

to landis though she did the unthinkable, and was liek i love that movie, that shirt totally fits you, and then goes on to how that her nickname is superbad...and another manager is sitting there looking at her, and going really now? wtf....k...poor landis was scared for life by this woman


was watchign the portion of e3 with my room mate as far as the nintendo portion, and im sitting there thinking, what the fuck, were is somethign actually we haven't seen before, granted the gadgets are new, the first thing when they showed the vitality thing is, cool somethign to shove my penis in. sqaures stuff , kinda expected it so no worries there, but seriously 4 mario games? and thier big title looks kinda retarded, sorry to offened you metroid players, but prime looked much better then this did. the adapter why dont they just build it in and do it right?golden sun was probally bout the only other thing of note for here.

Watch this series if you haven't

A certain pup got me hooked on this series, and i find it adorable, and well not as overly long winded as other animes, its refreshing andlove the fact it pokes fun at its self

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